November 20, 2009

How To Cook A Turkey!

This week Paris' teacher gave the parents a book that she made. She asked them "How to Cook A Turkey?" Below are their answers. Remember, these are 4 year olds, you can't make this up! Beware, you will laugh.

"Put the stove on hot. Put the turkey in the over for 9 minutes. Then you wait for it to cool down. Then you eat it!"

"Make your turkey and sprinkle it with turkey sauce. Make a bank (it's a type of bone that you put in the turkey.) I made a turkey a long time ago. Make sprinkles and put it on the turkey. You get a bag and putthe turkey in it then you put it in the oven for 2 seconds at 40 degrees. You stack it in a bag and take it to school."

"I had hotdogs on the turkey and some candy is for the dinner. Then I mixed chocolate with the turkey. Cook it with some more chicken in a bowl. Heat it in the oven or stove or anywhere you want. Keep it in for 5 minutes at this high and then you eat it!"

"Buy one and bring him on the fire untill 12:00 when the big handson the 12. It would be super hot so we need to wait a lot of days. My dad will put it in aplastic container to keep it to take it to school. Then you eat it and put it on a plate."

"Sprinkle salt on the turkey, last night my daddy was cooking turkey on the grill and the turkey got on fire. Put it in the grill for I don't know how long and a little bit hot. Then put it on the table, then we eat dinner."

"Put a head on it in the oven. My mommy cooks it. It stays in 65 1/2 to make the turkey done. My mommy gets it out of the oven and I eat it!"

" Put salt on it and cheese and a hotdog and buns on it. Put the stove on and a timer on really hot. Put the turkey in the oven for 20 minutes. Then I put on pepper and put it on the table and eat it!"

"I put a stick on it. I put it in a fire. Keep it there untill when it's at the 100. Keep it like that hot or something. I take it out of the fire and then we eat it."

"I don't know what her put on the turkey. I would put spices on it and cheese on it. I would put some chocolates on it. I would cook it in the pantry for two minutes on very hot. Then you eat it and put it on a plate."

"Cook the turkey with the microwave. Put some rubber cheese on the turkey. Put it in the microwave for a long, long, time. Then the food goes in the microwave, then you eat it!"

(This is Paris')
"First you put some oil on it then salt then powder. Then you cook it in the oven on a high way temperature for 20 minutes. Then you have to put more oil on it. Then that's it, then you can eat it!"

You put it in an oven and leave it in the oven until something makes a loud noise. Then you stay in the kitchen. Then you take the cookies out of the oven and you put some candy on it and some frosting. My mom told me how to do it and that's how you do it!"