June 29, 2009

Monday...hmm, what can I say besides......HELLLLP!

Ok, so today did not turn out as good and productive as I had imagined it on Sunday night. First, my alarm refused to go off. More than likely due to the fact that I just received a replacement phone and forgot to reprogram my wake up alarm as well as my back-up wake up alarm. Luckily, I woke up at 8:00 am ( I am supposed to be at work at 8:30 am) and was able to get Paris and myself ready and her dropped off at the sitter and me sitting at my desk by 9:00 am. (And yes, I was able to find the time to apply makeup so I didn’t look too hideous, and no I did not get a speeding ticket. Shhh!) Lucky everything is on one major street! I also did not feel well at all today, I have been very lightheaded all weekend. I think it is time for me to see my chiropractor. I had to work till 5:30, which is horrible due to the fact that I am only part time and I am use to getting off at 3:00. I know, I know, poor Katie, she only has to work a six hour shift, blah, blah, blah...I’ve hered the song and seen the dance before. All I’m saying is that I was very off my schedule, which if you know me at all, you know it makes me cranky. I have become a creature of habit. I have three hats to wear now, mother, employee and student, and I am trying to learn how to balance them all on my head at the same time. This is a first. I have only wore two hats at one time previously. Anyway, moving on. Today was very long, I left work around 5:30 and picked Paris up from the sitter, by the way, she had a blast today. Her sitter Erica, took Paris out of the boat with her family today down the river. After I grabbed her, I needed to rush by my mom's house so Papa and Nana could get their Paris fix due to the fact that they did not see her this past weekend since Papa was sick. It was also a chance for me to meet my mom's half brother Jake. He has been in town from California for the last couple of days. Then I had to rush home and make dinner, black beans and rice, and get Paris a bath, feed the dogs, put Paris a movie on and rush to my computer to get some homework done. I was able to get all of this weeks reading done in my Hospital Coding class and post on the discussion board and then start this weeks 1000 word essay. Unfortunately, I have to use Word Perfect due to the fact that my current lap top is from 2002 and does not recognize new software anymore. Probably due to the fact that I have had to wipe it on numerous occasions when I got nasty viruses on it. Now I am sitting here updating my blog, with Pride and Prejudice playing in the background, drowned out by Paris’ sweet snores and Brandon yelling in the background at his computer game. I am guessing this is my cue to bow out for the evening. I am going to go downstairs and get a blue popsicle, restart my movie and hopefully pass out. Goodnight and sweet dreams to all.